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Mixed Drinks?

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ErikHusby started a discussion

I know that most of us are here to talk about single malts. However, I do enjoy mixed drinks of all kinds. I am particularly fond of the venerable Old Fashion, either with a bourbon or Johnny Walker Rd. And have had a smoky martini which was quite surprising -- a blend of a smoky peaty whisky with gin.

I was wondering if others have a favorite whisky based mixed drink?

14 years ago

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AlbaGuBrath replied

Irish Coffee to get rid of any Beams, Grouses or Ballantines inadvertently received. But other than that you're right, I do find the thought of mixing single malts with anything but a few drops of water absolutely horrifying.

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ocmpoma replied

@ErikHusby My favorite is a Michael Collins; which is just a Tom Collins with Irish whisky instead of gin. I have yet to encounter a bartender who did not need me to explain this. Then again, I've only ordered it in the USA...

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