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Nagahama New Make Spirit


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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

30th Aug 2018


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  • Brand: Nagahama
  • ABV: 59%

Nagahama Bewery – in the Shiga Prefecture, smack in the middle of Honshu near Lake Biwa and Mount Ibuki – is famous for its Nagahama Roman Beer. When their team visited Eden Mill Distillery in Scotland, they decided to start their own whisky distillery in 2016. And while it will take until 2020 before their have any malt whisky, we can already enjoy their new make, which is produced unpeated, lightly peated and heavily peated. It is distilled in a Hoga Still from Portugal. Let’s try their unpeated new make.

Hang on… what is this? Werther’s Original on the nose in new make spirit? Really. Creamy and sweet on caramel and melon on the BBQ (recommended by the way). Then something salty and grassy. Hay? Reminds me a bit of the (better) sake. What a lovely surprise. Adding water brings out yeast notes – which is not an off-note – and some citrus. But also some strange notes of washing powder.

It is surprisingly fatty on the palate. Mildly fruity with some burnt caramel. I continue to find this strangely sweet, but it also makes it quite accessible. And what about all those citrusy notes already. Atypical, no? But very good. Diluted it remains creamy and becomes a touch candy-like.

Medium long and very warm finish.

Do they actually make this new make from grain, I wonder. This spirit is so sweet already that I cannot help imagine that they distilled their beer. What do I know? Anyway, this new make is very good and quaffable neat if some water is added. Thanks, Marcel.


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