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Nikka Coffey Grain

Japan knows Corn!

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@vrudy6Review by @vrudy6

24th Dec 2014


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No, it's not coffee-infused whisky. This a 100% corn whisky distilled from a Coffey Still designed by an Irish tax collector named Aeneas Coffey. The Coffey design still allows a greater portion of the spirit to re-circulate rather than leaving the still and deposit into the receiver. It is supposed to make a lighter, more refined whisky. This bottle has been opened for about three months. let's dig in!

Nose: Sweet corn. Thin caramel (if that makes any sense.) A bit sharp. A touch of oak. Vanilla. A bit herbal.

Palate: Arrives sweet. Tons of Pure, fresh vegetal corn. Reminiscent of freshly boiled corn-on-the-cob. A bit medicinal.

Finish: The sweetness continues strong, then it transforms into a interchanging dance between sweet and bitter. Finishes herbal with a touch of caramel.

This bottle was a gift from my brother for my birthday. He knows that I admire anything Japanese, especially their whiskies. So naturally, Nikka came to mind. I'm glad he went for this. It's good. It's vibrant, yet elegant. Of course, when it comes to complexity corn can not compare any way near barley. But i'm really enjoying this. Its a nice break between single malts.

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