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Nikka Yoichi Single Malt

Subtle but still Yoichi

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3rd Apr 2016


Nikka Yoichi Single Malt
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I opened one of my bottles and had a dram. I suspect like most whiskies what I write now will be amendable after I get further down and more air finds it way into the bottle. Thus, the following nosing/tasting are from the first dram after opening.

Before Adding Water


Very light peat (faint) smoke/leather (similar to Taketsuru 17yo but not at the same level) Fall leaves and late summer/fall flowers Hint of sweetness - vanilla /cooked sugar Ripe fruits - citrus (a touch of sour)


Faint hint of peat/smoke and leather Nut - mixed Fresh on the palate

After a little water


Ripe fruits (sour) still there (but faint) Nuttiness comes out more Light smoke/peat (more faint now) Less floral (takes a big back seat for me)


Hint of spice Oak (appears) And what was mentioned earlier

A few comments about this NAS SMW: 1. Don't expect this to be identical to any Aged Statements 2. It keeps many of the Yoichi characteristics, but they are all subtle. 3. In other words, there is no one dominant flavor that stands out. 4. Thus, the layering of flavors makes you work at it all and it is a fun adventure. 5. This is a whisky which needs a lot of time. I spent 30 minutes on it and that is because I wanted to get a comment out here as soon as I could. I am guessing time, like most SMWs will allow the exploration to be much greater for the experience.

In this NAS SMW. It might not be what Yoichi lovers want, but I am not at all disappointed.

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