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Norlan Whisky Glass

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By J @Jonathan on 19th Nov 2016, show post

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Victor replied

@Nozinan, well a bottom 1%ile whisky tends to stay that way. I am having some of my 7 years open 90% full bottle bottle of Lambertus 10 yo Single Grain Whisky right now, inspired by your bringing it up. The Lambertus nose out of a Norlan is like a not unpleasant sweet but saccharine cocktail nose. The palate drops into a new dimension of strange-- like sugary reused oakwood. Not good. I cannot say that the Norlan glass makes Lambertus drinkable. Today my bottle of Lambertus tastes better, but not good, out of a Glencairn glass. Lambertus dwells in its own universe.

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