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Not only is BTAC marked up--anything from BT is

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Jonathan started a discussion

The local discount liquor store that otherwise has amazing prices has all of the BTACS except for Pappy in stock. They start --start--at.499$. I guess that's to be expected.

What I didn't expect: Weller 12 is 129.99, Weller Antique 107 is 60$ Weller Special Reserve is 60$. People were buying them! Even standard Buffalo Trace there is now 45$ for 750ml.

Just a few years ago--I haven't been at this hobby that long:-Weller 107 was under 30. Special Reserve was a little over 20. A bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle cost me 45 or so. Handy was 70. I even gave up on buying a bottle of Saz 18 that they held for me . The price was 80. Apparently, I wasn't impressed with the proof. Go figure.

If I knew then what I know now!.

5 years ago

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KRB80 replied

Your liquor store is taking advantage of the secondary market prices and gouging it's customers.

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If you didn't think the Saz 18 was worth $80 then, what would be different now?

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Standard Buffalo Trace is $45 here in Ontario. You could offer it to me at $5 and I wouldn’t buy it. The last bottle I had was given to guests who liked it or mixed away into cocktails. It had a very sharp, white glue aroma and a weird metallic taste on the finish. I’ve tasted from several bottles at pubs and at friends’ places since and I’ve noticed the same thing. Maybe they’re sending their “off” batches to Ontario. Either way, I won’t spend a dollar of my money on it. There’s too much other good stuff around.

As for Weller Antique 107, it was $35 for the longest time here, when it was available. A price increase to $50 was just announced. I’m glad I have six unopened bottles in my bunker. laughing

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Nozinan replied

@OdysseusUnbound I have 1 spare 107. I suspect I will still have it when you open your last one...

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Jonathan replied

@MadSingleMalt I've come to appreciate factors beside proof in Rye Whiskies.18 is also an important number. I had a chance at an Eagle Rare 18 for a similar price. I was hooked on Stagg,, Handy, and Pappy--especially Handy.. I'm now more interested in the nuances that older and lower proof American whiskies can provide. I was stupid for giving up those bottles.

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