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Oban 14 Year Old

Desserted, Tropical, Highland...

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

17th Feb 2015


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There are no surprises with this scotch. For the most part, what you smell... is what you taste... is how it finishes. The flavors and aromas from this scotch remind me of my favorite dessert and tropical fruits. It puts off some heat, but is not particularly smokey. Somewhat similar results come from drinking out of a snifter vs. drinking from a scotch tumbler. Very smooth, sweet, and easy to drink...

  • From scotch tumbler, small splash of water Nose-20: very clean, leather, orange, malt, white sugar Palate-22: warming cherry wood, peach, mango, prickly orange, pecan pie, pie crust Finish-21: lingering leather, fruity heat, butter cookies, peach tea Balance-24: so so smooth, thick, but not syrupy Overall-87:

  • From snifter, small splash of water Nose-21: oranges, honey, white sugar, saw dust Palate-22: pecan pie, pie crust, peaches, brown sugar, oranges Finish-20: long-warming citrus and peach flavors, prickly brown sugar, and butter cookies Balance-24: again, very smooth, holds flavors for prolonged periods of time, very enjoyable Overall-87

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Lifewaterforce commented

Very interesting structure on the review, i like it! Also seems like i have to give this Oban a chance someday, a lovely place it is too!

8 years ago 0

BARutledge commented

Thanks, I'm having fun with it. Typically I'll write the two segments on different days and combine them later in a post. I think that the Oban 14yr is the perfect scotch to give as a gift, or to order on behalf of someone at the bar (if available). It is well received more often than not.

8 years ago 0

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