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Oban 14 Year Old

Oh Man, It's Oban

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RReview by @Rigmorole

26th Jun 2014


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Oban's standard 14 year offering is quite smooth and velvety. This said, in my estimation at least, it lacks character. In other words, it is a touch bland.

Nose: Walnuts, oak, white chocolate, hemp ropes.

Palate: Dried oak, caramel, vanilla bean, white toast with apricot jelly.

Finish: Medium, with an echo of caramel, toasted grains, and oak.

I feel as if the Oban has changed a bit over the past few years. It seems sweeter to me and less complex. This said, it's very enjoyable.

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Pandemonium commented

87 is a pretty high rating for a whisky that "lacks character" ;) I'm no fan of the Oban, I tried the 14yo and had the opportunity to try one of their 9yo casks at the distillery, but I found nothing redeemable in their whiskies. Oban is one of the weaker distilleries in my books

9 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Yes, you're right, Pan. I've gone down two notches accordingly.

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

The Oban 14 yr is a solid dram; not overly complex, but it'll satisfy most folks out there who do enjoy a single malt whisky.

My only beef is that this will set ya back roughly $65 to $70, and IMHO there are quite a few 'better' single malts in that price range that'll surpass what the Oban has to offer.

9 years ago 0

cherylnifer commented

Oban 14yo was one of the first classic malts I tried 10 or so years ago. I thought it was wonderful. A smooth rich buttery saltiness. Sad to say, I did not know that quality would be short lived. I have yet to find another Oban 14 bottling since to come close to that flavor profile. Much too expensive now for a lesser whisky IMO.

9 years ago 0

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