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Oban 1995 Distillers Edition

Average score from 4 reviews and 5 ratings 86

Oban 1995 Distillers Edition

Product details

  • Brand: Oban
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • Series: Distillers Edition
  • ABV: 43.0%
  • Vintage: 1995
  • Bottled: 2009

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Oban 1995 Distillers Edition

This bottle has been bottled in 2012 and is numberedL2206CM000 03432475. It is 90% full. For this review, I will compare my tasting notes on a fresh palate in the morning to my notes at night after a dram of Lot 40. But first, do I need to remember you that the Distillers Edition is finished in a Montilla Fino cask? That's what I tought, you knew that. So let's start!

On a fresh palate and nose, it offers me honeydew, abricot, blond oak and honey. The oak is in the same style as with Cragganmore. At night, I get apples (McIntosch and Granny Smith), oak and spices, salt and white pepper and faint abricot.

In the morning, the palate presents dry alcohol, oak and dry wood, a lot of malt, cereals, a bit of soya sauce, cardamon and sauge. At night, the Fino is more present so is the salt and white pepper. But what is really important is that the cardamon is still there to enhance the spicy profile. It is quite similar to my impression of it in the morning. There is also some trace of nail polish and banana.

For the finish, in both case the malt is coming back strongly with the herbs, but fade out to let the herbs soaked in very lightly smoked salt.

Conclusion, not surprisingly the nose is more complex on a fresh palate, but the flavors are strong enough to be well perceived even by a tired palate. It has the full presence of a whisky with a much higher ABV without having the burn. It also has a beautifull complexity. For me it makes me think of a vatting of Cragganmore 1996 DE with Amrut Fusion. I often find the herbs to be funky in Scotch, but here the cardamon is superb and doesn't overwhelm the flavors. In this aspect, the malt helps to achieve a nice balance. Nevertheless, I think this Scotch would be better at 18 years old.


I just tried the Oban Distiller’s Edition from 1992 (bottled 2006). It was double matured (which means finished) on Montilla Fino sherrywood, from the wine region around Cordoba in Spain. In the meantime, my buddy Jan offered me a sample of his Oban DE from 1996, bottled in 2011. I have put them H2H.

The nose is interesting, but a lot less sweet than the 1992 version. Honey plays the starring role in this one, while the mildly salty aroma holds back. But it also shows a little rubbery side. Hints of vanilla and a touch of smoke, albeit somewhat less outspoken. After a while, it shows a lot of citrus fruit and nuts.

It is pretty oily on the palate and quite spicy. Not so much fruit, but more bitter chocolate. Chicory, nutmeg, white pepper, candied ginger and loads of silt. Oh, yes, midpalate that saltiness turns to brine, which overpowers the fruit completely. Salty evolution!

The finish is rather long with the spices and the salt lingering. It leaves the mouth completely dry.

Certainly a very interesting Oban, but a lot less that the bottling of 4 years prior. Still available for around 60 EUR. Thanks, Jan.


Nose: Waxy , sweet and a bit of dried apricot sort of fruitiness. Damp soil and wood, giving way to some marzipan.

Palate: Sweet , honey and bitter chocolate with marzipan topping, folowed by honey covers nuts,Apricot jam. Quite creamy.

Finish : Sugary sweet with bitter cocoa and figs.

A very nice sipping whisky, not mind blowing but good stuff, with a nice sweeter edge to it, and figs. not in par with the Excellent Lagavulin DE, or the Coal Ila DE, but still nice.

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