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Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 4.2 Comus

Beauty and the Beast

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@maltsterReview by @maltster

4th Mar 2012


Octomore 5 Year Old Edition 4.2 Comus
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I finally got my Hands on the latest Octomore bottling - Comus, Son of Bacchus and the beautiful Circe. This is the first Octomore which comes in a white Tube and in a frosted transparent Glassbottle and has even higher peat Levels than it´s Predecessor. It was matured in Chateau d´Yquem Casks and is about five Years old - there must be something different and it really is as you will see soon...

nose: Waves of sweet Peat with malty Bisquits but there is no peat attack as I expected from the high levels of phenols. This is truly outstanding Whisky from the first whiff - as the peat oscillates forward and backward there are lots of Fruits released between the Amplitudes - an intense Sweetness with fresh Pears, stewed Apricots, tropical Guave and Passionfruit is exciting my Receptors. I get so much in here - nosing for more than half an hour and there is still more coming: Heather, Leather and Tobacco; a hint of Fishsauce mixed with Mint and Toffee - I could nose this all Day.

palate: medium Weight with a Mouthfeel dominated by the Viscosity from the Sauternes and the Peat which is immediately drying the whole oral Cavity - the high Alcohol is very good integrated without any agressive Attack on the Tongue. Barbequed sweet Grapes sprinkled with Seasalt, Tar and some medicinal tones; Nuts dipped in Syrup - a Rollercoasterride in the Mouth.The most exquisit Sweet Fruits caress the Tastebuds while the Smoke builds up powerful pressure - what a great Whisky!

finish: long and lasting fruity impressions and with the peat going it releases a complex Sweetness; the big scottish bad Boy was tamed by the beautiful french Lady ...I´m in for a Journey on the Flavourspectrum which goes from one Antipode to the other. This is a multideminsional and sophisticated Dram!

The Comus is a truly great Whisky - even more so as I was very sceptic in the beginning: rough Peat and french Sweetwine - this is meant to get wrong but boy it didn´t; it´s a marriage in heaven! Kudos to Jim McEwan. There is no other Whisky I know which offers an Experience like that - I strongly recommend the Comus as it is unique and utterly beautiful.

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Wills commented

Wow. This is amazing. I would love to taste/smell this accurate. This review sounds like a mixture of science and passion for the whisky. Great :)

12 years ago 0

maltster commented

@Wills, thank you for the kind words - I'm happy if the review was useful for you.

12 years ago 0

thomsonho commented

This great bottle was not easy to get your hands on. And, once you've finished your first taste, you regret for only having a bottle and not a case (or more) or it around you.

11 years ago 0