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Octomore Orpheus 5 Year Old Edition 2.2

I'm Alive

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@MLBReview by @MLB

22nd Aug 2010


Octomore Orpheus 5 Year Old Edition 2.2
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An exceptional scotch that you won't forget. Deceptively smooth, teasingly complicated, and possessing a finish that will delight the senses and enrich the moment. Forget about the statistics -- just nose it, let if flutter in your mouth, and breathe deep. You're alive.

First, there's the smoke. Ah, the smoke. If you thought of yourself in love with Islay scotches before, Octomore will have you renewing your vows. But make no mistake -- this is an enchanting and vibrant drink on so many dimensions. PPM counts aside, this release of Octomore is wholly accessible, even if it craves attention. There is marshmallow on the nose with honey and some vanilla, all vying for your attention before that wondrous phenol overload hits. Leave it in a glass on the table for 15 minutes and let the room embrace the drink.

Then there's the first sip. Wow. Octomore starts out not unlike a cask strength Highland Park, in that the concentration of honey and syrup finds you quickly before letting you focus on the peat and smoke building behind it. Wait for it. A finish to remember, but remember to breathe deep.

An unforgettable whiskey that should be bought in pairs: one to discover yourself, and one to set aside for your son to discover.

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dszpiro commented

A wonderful tasting note. Thank you! You make Octomore seem much more approachable and less intimidating than one might expect just considering the phenol PPM count. Thanks to your encouragement, Octomore is now in my list. I plan to build my peat muscles with some Ardbeg Supernova first.

13 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

This is an awesome old review. How I wish I were renewing my vows!

9 years ago 0

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