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Old Crow

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Old Crow

Product details

  • Brand: Old Crow
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 40.0%

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Old Crow

A product that has been with us since 1835. Mark Twain and Hunter S. Thompson loved this bourbon. I love this bourbon, and you will too. The price point is excellent, but do not let that fool you. Old Crow will match any bourbon hands on its own for flavor and drink ability. Not to mention it was the drink of choice for American general and 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant.

you just sold me on a bottle of old crow.

My father drank this with water and ice. I remember when as a child he would have me make him a drink and I could smell the sweetness. He has since passed, perhaps I will buy a bottle on his birthday.

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