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Old Crow bottled 1970s

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Old Crow bottled 1970s

Product details

  • Brand: Old Crow
  • Bottler: Unknown
  • ABV: 43.0%

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Old Crow bottled 1970s

Found this in my grandpa's alcohol cabinet, been sitting there since the 1970's before the brand was bought out by Jim Beam and converted to a cheap, bottom shelf whiskey. It's a really fine bourbon.

@Shane-Il, great to see this review. Thank you.

Hard to believe, but 40 years ago Old Crow was THE most popular bourbon in America. Yes, as you very correctly point out, it was a different bourbon then, before it was changed by Jim Beam. Many think it was deliberately allowed to degrade in order to make it less attractive than the Beam named brands.

I'd love to taste this old stuff you are reviewing here. Save me some.

@Victor, I cry a little bit when I open it, because I know there is no more. Such a bourbony bourbon.

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