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Old Forester

Sunday Morning Foresting

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20th May 2018


Old Forester
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  • Brand: Old Forester
  • ABV: 46%

It's high time to get rid of some heels that have been collecting dust on the shelf. This is the standard bottling of Old Forester. Established in Louisville in 1870 by George Garvin Brown, it is owned by Brown-Forman. The current president is Brown's great-great-grandson, Campbell P. Brown. I don't think it's really known where the name "Old Forester" comes from. This mashbill is 72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malted barley.

On the nose we have mint, eucalyptus, wet tobacco, solid oak and vanilla pods. Chili-chocolate. Baked apples. Sultanas. Bread pudding with caramel sauce. Orange pith. Toasted walnuts. A touch of wood smoke. With water I get vanilla icing. All classic bourbon notes.

A bit thin on the palate, with more caramel, lighter vanilla, big oak and crushed fresh herbs (sage, mint and fennel fronds). Actually, lots of fennel going on here. Chocolatey. Ground dried ginger. Water tames the oak a bit. A bit too easy to drink, it could use more complexity and a thicker mouthfeel.

The long finish is very oaky with more mint, overripe banana and all-spice. Good solid bourbon for your everyday enjoyment, but could use more oomph and complexity.


RianC commented

Not sure if this is the same as the OF we get in the UK (that's at 45% iirc) but have wondered on giving it a go as it's often reduced. Thanks for the review @talexander

6 years ago 0

DaveM commented

I just purchased a bottle of the Old Forester 1897 yesterday. I am looking forward to finding out how this stacks up with other whiskies.

6 years ago 0