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Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

Not so old...but very Grand!

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

28th Dec 2016


Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded
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Ever since enjoying OGD 114 and hearing about OGD 100 Bonded bourbon, I have wanted to try it. On a recent shopping trip in Calgary I happened to notice it on the shelf of a store that is part of a U.S. chain and at a price of $32 plus 5% tax I decided it was worth a try.

Thanks to @Nosebleed for sharing his bottle with me in his home. This is reviewed in my usual manner, and, as per my usual preference, no water is added. The bottle was opened 2 days ago, gassed, and opened tonight about 3/4 full (we shared it around on the 25th).

When I first tried this 2 days ago, I found the nose weak and the taste initially harsh. But just as with OGD 114, after some time in the glass this bourbon really settles down and opens up, and this is where my notes take off...


Vanilla is the first thing I smell, then some rye spice (fresh-baked rye bread). Dill pickle juice. Scented chlorine bleach (but in a good way). Something perfumy. As it opens up I get some caramel. (@Nosebleed gets dulce de leche and toasted sugar /cotton candy). Nice nose 21.5/ 25


Bold! Minimal alcohol nip. Caramel, vanilla. Sweet (maybe just a little too sweet). Not too complex but very flavourful and rich. Probably more individual flavours that I can't clearly identify. 22/25


Short. Astringent. I get a "bourbony" aroma when I breath out through my nose. 20/25


The Palate gives what the nose promises. Very easy to drink, not a challenging dram. 22/25

Total Score: 85.5/100

Adjusted Score based on Enjoyment: 88/100

I really like this one. It's simple, bold, and flavourful. If I had to compare it to OGD 114, I would say it's lighter with more vanilla, and the 114 has more brown sugar and is a bit richer.

This is one that would be easy to drink while occupied with another activity. I look forward to enjoying it in the future...

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