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Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

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@JeffCReview by @JeffC

16th Mar 2012


Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded
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This is a 100 proof bottled in bond whisky of unknown age. It sells for around $20 and is an excellent value. I sampled this over a few nights as a first pour. Like most bourbons, it is a beautiful copper orange color.

The nose has a lot going on with varied notes of orange, wood, cinammon, corn bread, and at times a musty, earthy, barnyardy smell. Unfortunately, the nose is not really powerful.

The palate has notes of vanilla, burnt sugar, some peppery fire spice and some typical bourbony sugar char. From time to time though I get a rather odd grapy note. No matter what Beam product I try, I tend to get this grapy note that pops up; it is not omnipresent but just a random undercurrent from time to time. The finish is rather short.

This whisky reminds me of an old relative who died when he was 99 and frequently drank bourbon. This was one of his brands.

In my estimation, it is definitely above average for the class of American whiskies I have tried and I can recommend it.

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