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Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

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Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

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Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bonded

Like the last bourbon I just reviewed, Old Grand-Dad is made at Jim Beam and is branded as one of "The Olds" with Old Overholt. I believe this recipe has more rye content than standard Jim Beam. Thanks to @Nozinan for the sample.

The colour is a medium copper. Quite fruity on the nose with pineapple and papaya. There is some toasted oak but not that much - I have a feeling this is pretty young whiskey. It's somewhat mentholated, like Vicks, which I find a little off-putting. Cigarette ash. Bitter dark chocolate. Very herbal and floral (less so with water), this really does strike me as not having as much time in oak as maybe it should have.

A bit more anchored on the palate, with more spices - pepper, rye and cloves - and a nice backbone of soft caramel. Not too sweet. The menthol and herbs that I found overpowering on the nose are here, but not so upfront. A drop of water adds sour cherries and puff pastry. Interesting, but still tastes too young.

The finish is soft with toasted oak and a nice umami note, then develops into mint and cotton candy. For me, this is more interesting than it is fully successful. That strong medicinal nose spanked me just a bit too hard, then before I could utter the safe word it pulled back and redeemed itself with some nice spices and baking notes. Overall, I like it fine but I think it should have been strapped into the barrel just a little longer.

I will say, I let it sit for an hour or so and the "Vicks" note calmed down - but it didn't calm down enough for me. I would still rank it lower than both the 114 and the standard.

@Victor Well, it's a little shrinkier than I expected....and as for "violet" hmmm well that note might have been there as well........hmmmmmm....


I've done the 114, so this seemed like a logical pick today after work browsing the bourbon selection. Fresh bottle, dram has been sitting about 20 min

nose : Light and airy nose for bourbon. Definitely rye bread. It says "high rye mashbill," if anyone knows the specific numbers I would be interested. I suppose I could google... anyway. Rye bread, cane sugar, pecans. Light, sweet, nutty.

Palate: sweet and savory. Very nutty. Pecans again. Then oily ground beef with melted cheddar cheese. Ok, now lots of spice. Dang this is spicy. Starts very savory then transitions to some serious spices. Chili pepper. You know, this reminds me of a beef burrito with cheese and chili. I need to try that pairing.

Finish: Long and spicy. Rye bread and oak. Spice just builds on the back of the tongue.

Overall: This grew on me. At first I was missing some of the complexities and just thought it was light and spicy but the more air this dram gets the more it balances out. Good stuff for $20.

@Nozinan yeah I didn't think about that.

@Victor OGD was so named in deference to the grand dad himself. One day I hope a wise rye producer will label a premium full flavour rye (or bourbon) Old @Victor


Ever since enjoying OGD 114 and hearing about OGD 100 Bonded bourbon, I have wanted to try it. On a recent shopping trip in Calgary I happened to notice it on the shelf of a store that is part of a U.S. chain and at a price of $32 plus 5% tax I decided it was worth a try.

Thanks to @Nosebleed for sharing his bottle with me in his home. This is reviewed in my usual manner, and, as per my usual preference, no water is added. The bottle was opened 2 days ago, gassed, and opened tonight about 3/4 full (we shared it around on the 25th).

When I first tried this 2 days ago, I found the nose weak and the taste initially harsh. But just as with OGD 114, after some time in the glass this bourbon really settles down and opens up, and this is where my notes take off...


Vanilla is the first thing I smell, then some rye spice (fresh-baked rye bread). Dill pickle juice. Scented chlorine bleach (but in a good way). Something perfumy. As it opens up I get some caramel. (@Nosebleed gets dulce de leche and toasted sugar /cotton candy). Nice nose 21.5/ 25


Bold! Minimal alcohol nip. Caramel, vanilla. Sweet (maybe just a little too sweet). Not too complex but very flavourful and rich. Probably more individual flavours that I can't clearly identify. 22/25


Short. Astringent. I get a "bourbony" aroma when I breath out through my nose. 20/25


The Palate gives what the nose promises. Very easy to drink, not a challenging dram. 22/25

Total Score: 85.5/100

Adjusted Score based on Enjoyment: 88/100

I really like this one. It's simple, bold, and flavourful. If I had to compare it to OGD 114, I would say it's lighter with more vanilla, and the 114 has more brown sugar and is a bit richer.

This is one that would be easy to drink while occupied with another activity. I look forward to enjoying it in the future...


This is a 100 proof bottled in bond whisky of unknown age. It sells for around $20 and is an excellent value. I sampled this over a few nights as a first pour. Like most bourbons, it is a beautiful copper orange color.

The nose has a lot going on with varied notes of orange, wood, cinammon, corn bread, and at times a musty, earthy, barnyardy smell. Unfortunately, the nose is not really powerful.

The palate has notes of vanilla, burnt sugar, some peppery fire spice and some typical bourbony sugar char. From time to time though I get a rather odd grapy note. No matter what Beam product I try, I tend to get this grapy note that pops up; it is not omnipresent but just a random undercurrent from time to time. The finish is rather short.

This whisky reminds me of an old relative who died when he was 99 and frequently drank bourbon. This was one of his brands.

In my estimation, it is definitely above average for the class of American whiskies I have tried and I can recommend it.

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