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Old Grand Dad 114

Grandpa's Got A Punch

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

29th Oct 2016


Old Grand Dad 114
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And who exactly is Old Grand-Dad? Why, he is Basil Hayden, of course, who made bourbon with a higher percentage of rye than most mash bills at the time. His grandson, Colonel R. B. Hayden, started the brand in 1882 in honour of his grandfather. I believe there are three bottlings: the standard at 86 proof, the 100 proof and this one, the 114 proof. This sample was generously provided by @Nozinan.

The colour is a medium copper. On the nose there is tons of cigar ash, with sweet corn, red liquorice, toffee and mint, all surrounded by heavy oak. Dark chocolate. Big vanilla. Dried apricot. Black cherries. Quite fruity. Water adds a layer of wood smoke. Everything you're looking for in a high-proof bourbon.

On the palate you're hit with the mouth-puckering alcohol heat, with tons of oak, creamy dark chocolate and massive spice. Very meaty. Lots of herbs, especially mint and sage. Fantastic, but needs water to take the alcohol and highlight the oak and caramel.

The finish is, again, very oaky, with cinnamon, cloves, baked apple and chewy leather. This is great stuff, a big fat bourbon that can slap you silly like your grandpappy might have back in the day (well, hopefully he didn't).

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Nozinan commented

Great review! Only thing missing is price. You can get all this for as low as $19.98. With shipping to Florida, it came out to $25 USD per bottle. For this big bruising bourbon.

Interestingly, although I get full flavour out of this one and I really like it, I get almost none of the flavours in your review. I get a lot of vanilla, brown sugar, caramel. I don't find it complex, just full of flavour.

7 years ago 0

talexander commented

I couldn't remember what you had paid, so I didn't mention it. I get those notes that you mention as well - and after I posted the review, I started noticing a more pronounced rye grain note in the background, which I hadn't mentioned - but I did find it surprisingly fruity.

7 years ago 0

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