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Old Overholt 4 Year Old

Great for making Manhattans

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@AnonymousReview by @Anonymous

14th Sep 2009


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I usually use Michter's Rye US#1 for making Manhattans, but I recently used Old Overholt and it worked just as well. Especially nice is the price point!

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icefrog commented

I certainly must disagree with the above star rating. I would say a solid 8 stars. Purchasing Old Overholt you get the sweetness of a blend with the tart of a Bourbon. Old Overholt is a good rye whiskey. If your specific needs call for a Rye Whiskey and not a corn based whiskey this one is certainly the way to go. Jim Beam makes a Rye whiskey that is more 'zesty' but Old Overholt is a stable in my bar.

Pros: Sweet, smooth, dry, cheap Cons: Old Overholt is not advertised.

It's the best thing in a Sazerac cocktail.

11 years ago 0

mbrohl commented

I don't understand the extremely low score.

6 years ago 0

icefrog commented

Yeah I agree mbrohl, I agree.

6 years ago 0

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