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Old Pulteney Single Cask (Tyndrum Whisky) 2006 - 2021

Salty Sherbet

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27th Aug 2023


Old Pulteney Single Cask (Tyndrum Whisky) 2006 - 2021
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Here's a single cask Old Pulteney bottled for Tydrum Whisky (aka The Green Welly). No indication of the cask type on the label but, going off the colour, I'd guess ex-bourbon. I have always sang the praises of the OB 12 and adored the old 17, so have always wanted to try a more 'naked' OP. When I saw this, I bit.

Review is with a couple.of drops of water to a 30 ml pour. Bottle was decanted on opening (as there was a definite alcohol nip). Around half left and open for a few months.

Nose - quite tart and sharp yet pleasant. A touch waxy, even? There's a salty nip, not unlike sharp peat, that dominates. White bread dough and all the lemons - juice, pith, rind and pickled; something like very tart green (cooking?) apples or under ripe kiwi. Hint of dry coconut. Maybe also the slightest hint of golden toffee. Certainly engaging and complex.

Taste - tart, all those sour fruits burst on the tongue - then American IPA (that strong hops note) starts to unfurl along with a white bread note. Salted toffee and salty sherbet bite at one's tongue. Again, complex. I could go on but will just add that it feels like I have wasps dancing on my tongue ha!

Finish - med - long. A wee touch of model glue/solvent, more lemon rind and juice, salted caramel and refreshing tannins. Over time, it builds and builds and really does give your taste buds a wake up call - much like a heavily peated dram does, yet no peat here, I don't think.

What a difference some time and air can do to a whisky! This bottle is a great example of why we shouldn't judge a bottle on the first pour alone. This had a strong alcohol nip at first but, finish apart, it's now completely dissipated. And even that slight solvent note works, as part of the whole.

This has been my best pour yet and I'm now looking at the half full bottle with sad eyes. I suspect it will keep getting better too. The tart and sour notes could be off-putting elsewhere but here they add as a counter to the salinity, which blankets the whole experience. I can't stress how 'nippy' that note is on one's tongue and palate. Unique, hence engaging and enjoyable!

Worth noting that it takes water, lots! Doesn't surprise me though as I've always thought the 12 still works at 40%, unlike many others.

This dram is the bliss point for me though.

Edit: As it sits, it seems to get heavier and meatier, with the tartness subsiding a touch. Rich. Excellent!


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BlueNote commented

@RianC Good to see an OP from an indy bottler. Again, like HP, they benefit from an integrity presentation.

9 months ago 2Who liked this?

Wierdo commented

I still have a couple of bottles of the old 17 squirrelled away. Loved that bottle. The 21 at £100 was fantastic too.

Signatory often bottle OP. But they're always a bit pricey and put me off.

8 months ago 2Who liked this?

RianC commented

@Wierdo - I tried this h2h with the old 17 and found the latter to be sweeter and richer but both equally as enjoyable. Never got to try the 21 though.

I've a sample of this for you, if I didn't already send it?

8 months ago 0