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Old Pulteney WK217

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Old Pulteney WK217

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Old Pulteney WK217

Old Pultney is a bit of an odd distillery for me. I don't like the 12yo at all although I know a lot do. Personally I find it boring. The 17yo is amazing though - I don't know what happens in those 5 years but it seems supernatural. And as for the 21yo - Amazing! So here we have a limited and slightly obscure release from them......

The nose is bursting with sea spray and brine. Underneath that we have toffee and slight floral hints. Seaweed and very slight peatiness evident, (but not what I'd call smoky). I also get a touch of citrus, marzipan with vanilla becoming more evident as it opens up.

Lovely thick rich mouthfeel with sweet caramel, toffee and saltiness. Slightly spicy. Can I detect vanilla and sultanas too?

Medium finish becoming bitter and dry.

Not bad at all. Think I rate this somewhere between the 17 and 21yo expressions.

Interesting this. Whilst I do agree the 21yo was sweet I absolutely loved the dryness of it which counteracted the sweetness. The 17yo was very nice but a bit overly dominated by vanilla to make it a truly fantastic whisky.

I do think this is a distillery that can really split opinions, but at the same time provide decent debate.

I'm not blown away by OP21. It's a tad too sweet for me. I like the savory aspects to OP17.

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