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Online Scotch Whisky Awards

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Wierdo started a discussion

Ralfy and Roy (Aqvavitae) have come up with the idea of the Online Scotch Whisky Awards. There is a website here:


Roy and Ralfy discuss it in this video here:


It's a long video but there are time stamps in the blurb and they start discussing the OSWAs at 2:07:55

For those who don't want to watch the video there are 8 categories so it isn't just about Scotch. The online community of commentators make a recommendation in each category. With the emphasis being on a more natural presentation. They eventually whittle it down to a few options in each category. Then we the whisky buying public through their website vote for our pick from the options until we have a winner in each category.

They say they have around 20 contributors at the moment but the gates are still open to have those expanded.

@markjedi1 I don't know if you are one of the contributors? But if not contact Roy if you are interested and as an active online whisky commentator they'd most likely include you.

22 days ago

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RianC replied

@Wierdo - cheers for the heads up, I'll try and look at it later. Agreed, @markjedi1 should definitely try and get involved - is there a whisky he hasn't tried? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I can imagine this is great news for the SWA and the 'big heads' in the industry grin I can already hear the hurrying and scurrying behind the scenes as they try and work out a way to either infiltrate or scupper it satisfied

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Victor replied

I have been looking at online mass-voted whiski rankings for 10 years. It is called the Connosr Top 100 Rated List.

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Hewie replied

@Wierdo are you a barfly? I'm not but Roy is really the only online whisky channel I watch regularly - he has a unique format that I do enjoy (I often watch it in bits while making dinner etc.). Their intentions are good and the OSWA seem pretty well thought through - it'll be interesting to see how they go.

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Wierdo replied

@Hewie I'm a barfly in the sense that I follow them on Facebook and YouTube and will contribute to the chat on Facebook. But I've never joined in on a live video. Apart from anything else they go out quite late on a Thursday evening UK time and I have work the next day. So it's just not very practical for me.

Like you I tend to listen to the videos on catch up. They're usually well over 2 hours so I don't want to just sit and watch them. I tend to listen to them whilst I'm doing some DIY.

The Facebook group Advavitae barflies is a pretty good group that I'd recommend to anyone who drinks Scotch that is on Facebook. It's very friendly and a good source of information on what's good at the moment etc.

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