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Alexsweden started a discussion

Finding myself in Italy I'm having some other beverages than our beloved whisky. There is ofcourse the limoncello and yesterday I tried martini china which is martini infused with cinchona. A plant with kinin. I'm also looking to bring a bottle of grappa back home with me. Do any of you guys have experience with grappa? I'm trying to figure out if i want aged or unaged.

18 days ago

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paddockjudge replied


being a whisky drinker, as are you, I would be inclined to get some aged grappa. You can always buy clear grappa at your local store.

My grandmother made this mystical potion in her basement long after her husband had died. Cherries and raisins were preserved in grappa and used as a topping for ice-cream or as special fuel her grandsons while they were shoveling the world's longest driveway.

I have been drinking grappa longer than I have been drinking whisky. There are 400 bottles of whisky in my cabinet and two bottles of grappa, one clear and one aged. Get the best that you can while you are in the land of grappa; I know I would.

Alla tua salute!


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Dear @Alexsweden I'm from the island of Cyprus where we have our own grappa we call zivania (it's distilled for crashed grapes just like grappa) The unaged grappa is the original stuff I suggest you get that.

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Victor replied

@Alexsweden, I would taste the grappa before selecting it for purchase. I've had quite a few great grappas, but some of them would sear the tissue in your mouth and make you question your own sanity in having purchased them.

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Alexsweden replied

Unfortunately I probably won't be able to sample beforehand @Victor. What I'll do is trust my research and go for some artisanal producer with a good reputation like nardini or poli.

Also I think @bourbondrinker is right, unaged ''original'' will be my choice. We all know and love the greatest aged spirit of them all so why not venture into unknown territory completely. I've found some vodkas I really like so why not grappa aswell...

I've never been to Cyprus but I've been to Greece more times than I can count. I prefer the tsipouro to ouzo but never had zivania. I'll make sure to try it next time.

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@Alexsweden Greece has similar spirits all distilled from crashed grapes ( leftovers from the wine making procedure). It has different names depending on region: Tsipouro, Raki, Zivania. The reason they don't age it is that it's evaporation ratio is very high (20%pa).

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Alexsweden replied

Ah, i didn't know tsipouro was made from grapes but ofcourse it makes sense! But it's spiced aswell right? With herbs and such

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Alexsweden replied

So in the end I opted for this unaged sarpa di poli grappa. It's an artisan grappa that I'm really looking forward to sampling. I'm thinking that I'll have a tasting of unaged stuff with vodka, grappa, vodka and moonshine. Should be fun! Thank you guys for the input!

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JayRain replied

Related to the topic is what percentage of your consumption is whiskey-based? Over the past six months, my drinking habits have gone from 70% whiskey (50% bourbon, 40% scotch, 10% rye) to 50% whiskey (approximately same percentages) and 50% tequila, rum, mezcal, gin and cognac (in that order).

Have appreciated sipping the different profiles of other premium sources and the science/art hybrid that goes into making those.

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Ol_Jas replied


•50% scotch

•50% beer

On New Year's Day:

•100% flat champagne from the night before

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Alexsweden replied

I like to sample the local specialities so for example in Poland I drank vodka, in Greece its Tsipouro and in Italy its grappa. At home I'm probably 45% beer, 45% whisky and 10% others. Now around christmas though its like 75% glüwhein!

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mystycreek replied

Winter: 60% whisky, 20% wine, 20% beer and others. Summer: 60% beer, 20% wine, 20% cocktail and others.

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jeanluc replied
  1. Whisky
  2. Craft beer
  3. Gin (& tonic)
  4. Wine
  5. Armagnac, Rum, Brandy

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Pierre_W replied

50% whisky, 20% beer, 20% wine, 10% bourbon & rye

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Nozinan replied

Outside of this month..... when I choose Alcohol, 90% whisky, 4% rum, 3% wine, 2% beer, 1% other (Armagnac, soju, Bai Jiao).

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Victor replied

60% whisk(e)y, 20% beer, 10% tequila, 10% other.

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Ol_Jas replied

I could be more specific:

•45% peated malt whisky

•45% IPAs

•10% free drinks

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markjedi1 replied

@Alexsweden I tried the barrel aged grappa by Sarpa di Poli and loved it. You can find my notes at blog.whivie.be (I'm sure Google translate can help you along). My other drinking habits? 1) whisky 2) gin (& tonic) 3) port (and other wines) 4) rum 4) sherry, cognac & calvados 6) beer 7) other spirits But whisky is like 75%, gin 5% and all the rest a lot less. As for water, I only use that when it is served with a bar of soap and a towel.

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Pete1969 replied

75% whisky, bourbon.

5% gin and tonic

10% rum

5% vodka, tequila

5% wine, beer

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@Alexsweden .Enjoy it looks great. Freeze it and try it with meat or ...neat!. Afterwards have a glass of whisky.....

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