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Panimoravintola Beer Hunter's Old Buck VYS

V2 – Frozen Angel

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

8th Aug 2014


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  • Brand: Panimoravintola Beer Hunter's
  • ABV: 53.7%

Old Buck VYS is a 4 year old peated single malt made specially for the 2 year anniversary of Viskinystävien Seura = VYS (Friend's of Whisky Society).

Matured in Jack Daniel's barrel and apparently only one barrel available. A real microdistillery product, like Old Buck's always are. But only one barrel made sounds very rare. The cask has also been used for stout maturing.

This is probably the most unique whisky, I've tasted. Talking about the palate too. It is as unique as Finnish detective movie series called Vares. To be exact, like V2 – Frozen Angel, the second Vares movie. Which was located in Pori. And is full of dryness and rough spots. Just like Old Buck VYS.

Nose: Starts with tropical fruits and fermented green fruits, mostly apples. Burnt peat and bourbon corn feel for a brief moment, then back to tropic. Finally, the rising of grapefruit and huge acidity. Like a very hoppy Indian Pale Ale.

Taste: First, a feel of burning dark sugar, which turns into very dry and acid. Like a hoppy pale ale with cactus notes.

Finish: Unfortunately, quick and too dry for my taste. Hints of barley and peat.

Balance: Amazingly unique palate and the nose is stunning. Fast and dry finish lowers the score.


Victor commented

@Rantavahti, it is great to see you reviewing this Old Buck, and also that you were even able to get some, from the single barrel. Have you been able to determine about how many Old Buck products have been produced in total? Are they all single barrels, or do they sometimes vat small batches together?

Thanks for a great review.

6 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

Thanks @Victor, it surely was great tasting and reviewing this one. I think that all of the Old Buck's have been single barrels. This fan page is guessing that this is the 7th release. It has all of the Old Buck's (it is familiar of) lined up: www.notuli.com/oldbuck/thewhisky

6 years ago 0

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