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Pe1 Elements of Islay

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Pe1 Elements of Islay

Product details

  • Brand: Port Ellen
  • Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd
  • Series: Elements of Islay
  • ABV: 58.7%

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Pe1 Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay is a special series of Islay whiskies from Specialty Drinks Company Ltd (sister company of The Whisky Exchange), in which the whisky is presented in small 50 cl bottles (called ‘pharmacy’, what’s in a name?). They already bottled Ardbeg (Ar1, Ar2), Bruichladdich (Br1), Caol Ila (CI1), Lagavulin (Lg1, Lg2) and at the recent TWE Whisky Show 2011 Kh1 – the first independent bottling of Kilchoman – was presented. But we’re trying the three Port Ellen bottling. We’ll start with a H2H of PE1 and PE2, both from sherry casks. The First Port Ellen from the series – PE1, of which the code reminds us of the Periodic System of Medelejev – has a beautiful old gold colour.

The nose – to me at least – is heavy. I admit not having experience with the mix of heavy sherry with heavy peat. This is definitely a heavy nose… and I’m not talking about the ABV. There is a fruity side (crispy, red apples) with a lot of very good chocolate (not the kind you find in the supermarket but black chocolate from Ecuador), interwoven with cow hide, smoked ham, iodine and seaweed. Some tobacco and balsamico. Djeezes! Complexity redifined! It can easily cope with a few drops of water. It sweetens the nose (which I prefer).

The attack is peat all the way. The sweetness doesn’t stand a chance. Licquorice, brine and loads of black pepper. I get all warm inside. Midpalate I get some apples and nuts. It’s much nicer with the second sip. Great, in fact. Water takes away a bit of the punch, but makes it much sweeter too. More chocolate.

The finish is lingering and drying on brine and peat.

This Port Ellen won a silver medaille in the Malt Maniac Awards 2009. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll probably find this obvious. Unfortunately only available through auctions, most of the time for exuberant prices. But what a whisky!


Nose: wow. And a few minutes later: WOW. Dark chocolate with a fruity centre. Hints of cecina (cured and smoked cow meat, typical of León in Spain). Well balanced between sweet, smoked and savory. Wonderful how big fruit (apples, raspberry) and dry peat go hand in hand. Hints of rubber and tobacco. Cocoa. A few medicinal notes and seaweed. Soot. Very complex. With water: juicier (fresh plums, more berries).

Mouth: oily attack, now the peat and smoke take the lead – a bit too much maybe. Hints of sweet almonds and lemon, but they’re too easy for the big wave of peat. Slightly sharp peat with a salty edge of liquorice. Some pepper. With water: a tad minty with hints of tobacco.

Finish: long, dry and smokey.

This sounds great - I love the mix of fruit with smoke and cocoa. Sounds like a good one to water down a bit too, but curious how much water you added on this one?


As luck would have it I got to try Pe1 Elements of Islay just a few days ago. Single Cask I'm told so not an endless supply available. What a gem!

Its dark, like well brewed tea or an ashtray that's been left outside overnight and rained in a little.

I got a real whiff of Port Ellen as soon as it was in front of me. You get the Sherry immediately, sweetness, charcoal, ground peppercorns.

It's really complex - really, really complex. Fruity, meaty, coriander-y. Biltong. Amazing stuff from Port Ellen. Feels thin in the mouth. Goes down with a good kick and a Sherry hit.

Tobacco leaf and tree bark on the palate. Long lasting finish like Duracell.

Had it tonight on a tasting and it surprised me positively. A true Port Ellen in taste, it's dark and has a very rich taste from start to finish. I recommend it to everyone who loves Port Ellen

love all the elements range so far was gutted i missed out on the port ellen,i think the pe2 is out very soon so im stalking the whisky exchange site ready to get one,dont want to miss out again

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