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Pe3 Elements of Islay

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Pe3 Elements of Islay

Product details

  • Brand: Port Ellen
  • Bottler: Speciality Drinks Ltd
  • ABV: 54.8%

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Pe3 Elements of Islay

PE3 is the third Port Ellen in the Elements-range. It differs from the PE1 and PE2 in the sense that this is from a bourbon cask. Hence the straw color. It is also a lot more expensive (retail was 215 EUR, which is hefty for a 50cl bottle), but that is explained by the fact that it was a cask from the 70s.

Ah, another classic Port Ellen. The somewhat grassy nose has a lot of green apples, lime and almonds. The peat is barely in the game. Quite some tar and ashes, but first and foremost very sweet.

On the palate, it’s quite straightforward and somewhat uncomplex (but that’s not a negative comment!): quite some peat, lime, brine, zest and tar. Excellent and elegant!

The finish is long and very salty. It leaves the mouth completely dry.

This is an excellent Port Ellen. Elegant in its simplicity. Did you know that there is also a PE4? Now that is hard to find as it was bottled only for the Scandinavian market. I saw it at a couple of whisky auctions recently, but it changes hands for 350 EUR and up. Djeezes… This is a 50cl bottle, don’t forget. And for the completists: PE5 arrival is already being whispered.

Forget the whisper of PE5, I've just found out that it's here. £175 through TWE. I suspect it will sell out fast.

Hello Mark,

In spite of your temporaly sickness, you're everywhere to read on this site ! And the P E 5 has arrived in Grimbergen , indeed through the WE.

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