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Peated Amrut Blackadder Raw Cask

Old School whisky from the past

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4th Apr 2013


Peated Amrut Blackadder Raw Cask
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Raw Cask by Blackadder, this was the Peated Amrut Cask ref BA14/2012. I was surprised to notice that this one resembled me of Ardbeg Galileo. It was like a stronger and non complex version of the Galileo. Because of it's rawness, it couldn't rise in the same level of Galileo and it lacked very much in nose and taste.

Still, Blackadder Raw Cask Peated Amrut managed to give me a good whisky experience. It was straight up peaty experience without any heavy smoke. And of course I had to try it without water too, which was mind (and mouth) blowing. Raw is just the right word for this kind.

Like Blackadder says, Raw Cask is how whisky used to be. It is not coloured or chill-filtered, it is "old school" raw. Raw cask contains its own share of the cask sediments and natural oils and fats. The ingredients that might usually be left behind when filling a cask strength whisky straight from the cask. Those ingredients ensure the most natural flavor in the whisky.

I don't like the old school making of whisky more than I like the amazing stuff, that whisky pioneers of today make. But it's nice to have old school whisky as well. So when comparing this whisky to a movie, it's easy to say that Peated Amrut Blackadder Raw Cask is the Old School of whisky, though raw cask is surely not a laughing matter.

Nose: Heavy peat and phenols with toffee kind of sweetness. Barley is also very much in the nose and of course the alcohol is very strong on the nose.

Taste: Very peaty and sweet on the taste as well. The earthly peatiness has some hints of liquorice but otherwise the taste has very few dimensions.

Finish: This is the best part, very long and powerful. Though it doesn't offer anything new to the palate, peat and barley with sweet spots.

Balance: Very straight and easy. Well, can over 60% ABV be easy...easy in a non complex way. Be sure to add enough water with this one but I dare you to try it raw too. It's an experience.

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