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Pig's Nose 5 Year Old

Soft and smooth

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

5th Sep 2017


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My first impression of this bottle was that it smells and tastes exactly like every cheap Scotch I've ever had. Now that I've gone through half the bottle, my impression has changed somewhat.

There's actually quite a bit of malt on the nose. Mostly fruit (orange and grape), also vanilla, a bit of oak, and a touch of sulphur smoke. It's not exactly the cleanest nose in the world but it has a certain charm and surprising complexity when you really analyze it.

The whisky is smooth and supple in the mouth. Initially sweet, followed by some prickly young grains, but not too much. A salty note keeps things interesting. Very easy-drinking.

Not much of a finish to speak of. But there is nothing unpleasant in the aftertaste, so it has that going for it.

Overall, this whisky is better than I first gave it credit for. The nose and arrival in particular make it worth drinking. At full price it's not much of a bargain but at clearance price I was glad I bought it. I'd rate it a notch over the typical bottom-shelf blends.

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