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Pike Creek Rum Barrel Finish

Premium Canadian whisky

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

18th Mar 2017


Pike Creek Rum Barrel Finish
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This new version of Pike Creek is still aged 10 years, but has been finished in rum barrels and the ABV increased to 42%

Nose: a bit hot at first. Then the typical Canadian wet stone and caramel aromas joined by subtle maple and brown sugar. In time, some fragrant sawdust. An understated yet inviting nose that is not without some complexity.

Taste: smooth, tingling mouthfeel leading to an oaky, grain-dominant flavour. An extra layer of sweetness might be attributed to the rum casks, but otherwise there is no noticeable rum flavour. Overall, a rich, warming flavour that is Canadian through and through.

Finish: lingering oak.

Balance: Like the old port cask version, this one doesn't try to stake out any new territory in the Canadian whisky domain, but rather provides a shining example of the typical Canadian style. The only difference I notice in the two versions is some extra richness in this one, while also trading the port cask's subtle fruit notes for deeper brown sugar and maple. Overall I like this one a bit better. Drinkers expecting a big departure from the typical Canadian style might be disappointed (this is no Lot 40), but fans of Canadian whisky should find this a smooth and heartwarming dram. A big step up from the simplistic and superficially sweet bottom-shelfers.

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Nelom commented

I only ever bought one bottle of the old Pike Creek and I was all over the map with it in terms of whether I liked it or not. I don't know if it was me or the whisky that had multiple personality disorder... I tend to waffle a bit on most whiskies, but it was extreme with that one. At some point I'll give this new version a try. It's heartening to hear that you prefer it over the old one.

7 years ago 0

Frost commented

I will echo @Nelom's experience. The Port expression was all over the place for me too. Sickly sweet, balanced, cloying, and in the end just not likeable. Here in Australia they import a 9 year old and market it as a NAS.

So rum version I am looking forward to trying

7 years ago 0

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