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Pike Creek's average rating is 85/100 from 10 reviews and 14 ratings

Pike Creek reviews

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Pike Creek Rum Barrel Finish

Premium Canadian whisky Pike Creek Rum Barrel Finish

This new version of Pike Creek is still aged 10 years, but has been finished in rum barrels and the ABV increased to 42%Nose: a bit hot at first. Then the typical Canadian wet stone and caramel aromas…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt7 years ago 5 283

Pike Creek 10 Years Old

Fruit and Spice Pike Creek 10 Years Old

This sister whisky to lot no. 40 is 10 years old, finished in vintage port casks, made in Windsor at the Hiram Walker distillery.Nose: Very fruity, contrasted with the dry rye dancing around in the…

@JasonHambreyBy @JasonHambrey9 years ago 0 091

Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Canadian of the year! Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Yes, this Pike Ceek just received the best Canadian whisky award at the world's whiskies award. My queston: Is it deserved?Even if I'm Canadian myself, I am not a fan of Canadian whiskies. But I find…

@Robert99By @Robert999 years ago 0 086

Pike Creek 10 Years Old

Happy Canada Day Part IV Pike Creek 10 Years Old

Pike Creek is a new-ish product, having come out only a couple of years ago, from Corby Distilleries. While John Hall and Forty Creek gets all the awards, attention and ink, Corby has quietly been rel…

@talexanderBy @talexander10 years ago 0 087

Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Wonderful Find Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Pike Creek is a 10-year-old double-barreled Canadian whisky, and, despite the poor reputation of some Canadian whisky, this one is full-flavoured and mellow, a blend of oak-aged whisky finished in vin…

@jstuartoneillBy @jstuartoneill11 years ago 0 191

Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

A rare treat Pike Creek Double Barrel Blended

Sampled in a Glencairn glass without water.Colour: Pale to medium amber. Good legs down the glass.Nose: Starts very subdued and subtle but then comes a very pleasant fruity smell, possibly raisins. Taste…

@IainVHBy @IainVH12 years ago 0 584

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