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Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated

Islay-style with a great fresh nose

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@WillsReview by @Wills

11th Jan 2013


Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated
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Time to write a review again, last months I was just busy drinking the stuff without thinking about it too much.

Well, this week I finally made an order and besides several bottles of wonderful Bourbons I wanted to get something peaty. I was very close to get the Ardbeg TEN but finally made an impulse buying and snapped the new PC10 heavily peated.

Tonight I tasted it in comparison to my sample of Ardbeg Uigeadail which I see as a great malt.

The PC10 has a light amber color and looks a bit murky, somehow like 100% apple juice. I wouldn't think of this while looking at a bottle of whisky to be honest, but after nosing I got this context.

The nose is awesome. It offers really light smoke and is in general very sweet. I get the smell of apples (oh wonder) and bananas. I can't beliefe this stuff is hard liquor with 46% ABV. Just want to take a thirsty swig but gladly I am able to keep contenance. There is no alcoholic bite at all. The nose is fresh and has some citrus aroma.

Compared to the Uigeadail this is similar with the light smoke on the nose. But besides that the Uige is on the dark side with deep fruits, sherry and sweet caramel while the PC10 seems to be the jedi knight (Hi Mark :D). After a while I wasn't able to distinguish the flavors and was reading some tasting notes. And the association of mint and eucalyptus makes sense for the freshness of this nose.

On the palate you realize this is from Islay, the peat is omnipresent. The body is quite light especially when you compare it to the Ardbeg which is really oily and full bodied. I enjoy drinking the PC, it warms really nice and is dangerously quaffable. Finally there is a hint of briny sea air.

The finish is long with peat and very little bitterness (wood/chocolate). For the Uige I get the sherry influence all the way from the nose to the finish. I heard the PC10 is finished in sherry casks too but in my opinion this appears vanishing subtle.

I am not unhappy that I bought this bottle instead of the Ardbeg TEN. Especially for that price tag I can recommend you to give it a try. The nose is just great, the palate delivers rare islay-style.

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Wills commented

Btw in the last sentence 'rare' was a typo, I meant 'raw'.

I still enjoy this bottle very much and so do friends of mine. Also a friend who in general don't like peaty whisky. So everybody should give this one a try in my opinion :D

11 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

One of my favorite islays so far and as far as the 10year olds go, this is my top pick. Tried the Laddie 10? Its compareable, but with a lot less peat.

10 years ago 0

Wills commented

Glad you also like this PC. Unfortunately I wasn't able to try the Laddie 10 yet. I try to remember your words when I have the chance!

10 years ago 0