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Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

Rounded Gentle Bruichladdich PC

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@VictorReview by @Victor

15th Apr 2014


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Bruichladdich's Port Charlotte An Turas Mor is a No Age Statement multivintage product. Many thanks to @WhiskyJoe for giving me the remaining 40% of a bottle, from which this review is taken. I do not know how long the bottle has been open

Nose: the intensity of peat and smoke are subtantial here, even with a long opened bottle. The peat combines both bitter and sweet flavours, and is very stimulative and attractive. Brine is also strongly in evidence. I get floral notes of carnation here, and nice supporting undertones of Bruichladdich's base malt. The malt shows mostly medium and lower range tones here, with just a few faint high pitches of the citrus type

Taste: the nose flavours do translate, but are more rounded and a little sweeter on the palate than in the nose. Compared to other Bruichladdich Port Charlottes, An Turas Mor is much more rounded, showing a loose bundle of peat-and-smoke-related flavours more than several distinct flavours

Finish: long, and by the end leaves a trail of smoke and peat which becomes progressively more bitter

Balance: An Turas Mor is a dram which offers a less pointed less intense experience than its Port Charlotte siblings. It is not quite as coherent as those other Port Charlottes either. Nonetheless, I am always happy to drink a dram of An Turas Mor. Those who like the smokey-peated Islay style will enjoy Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

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Rigmorole commented

I was quite curious about this one. Of course PC10 cask strength is long gone. Haven't read many review of it. I am less curious about the PC10 46% now that I've read your well informed review. If it didn't blow you away then I don't think I would care for it. You are much more of a peat fancier than me. As always, Victor, well done. A very civilized review to be sure.

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

Nock commented

Thanks again for another fantastic review. And thanks for sharing a dram with me! I really enjoyed it so thank you @WhiskyJoe! For me this is a bottle I would pick up at the right price.

6 years ago 0

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