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Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas

A bomb.

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@WillsReview by @Wills

1st May 2012


Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas
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This one is massive. At least for my palate and nose having little experience with peat monsters like this. But I really enjoyed it!

I only got a sample which I tasted some days ago for the first time. I was hit in the face when the first drop hit my tongue. Today I tasted it the second time, now doing some recap. The PC8 Ar D├╣thchas comes with 60.5% ABV and 40ppm.

Peaty and medical flavors are dominating the nose. Sometimes it smells like sitting in the waiting room of your local doctor. There is Iodine and then some rubber. But also some fresh fruits. You could smell it for hours, even by adding some water it is so intense. The fruitiness gets bigger here. For a moment I have to think of cheese cake and vanilla.

Firstly the palate is very salty and hot. It really explodes on my tongue! This dram is warming your mouth really wonderfully. Drinking it straight the alcoholic bite hits at some points but this one lets you salivate a lot and therefore it's not that rude. Of course it is much easier to drink by adding some (or even a good dash of) water. Besides the peat it gets a little sweeter and more smoky.

The finish is really long with lots of peat and some wood in there, getting by maturing for 8 years.

Overall this is a great experiment for me. You can discover really alot of flavors in this complex peat-monster. Additionally this dram can handle with adding some water which makes it really nice value for money.

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