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Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas

60 is the new 50

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@MarkSafariReview by @MarkSafari

2nd Jun 2013


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At 60.5% ABV, this fine dram should pack a punch on the nose... or so you would think. A lesser distillery would present your olfactory machine with aromas which can bet be described as "sting-y" and "anesthetiz-y". Not Port Charlotte. This dram is so smooth on the nose that it makes 60.5% the new 50.5%.

The palate of the PC8 is warm and cosy, but very complex. I get crisp green apple, BBQ'd chicken and embers of a long died-out camp fire with a strong background of smoke. But, this palate is a chameleon. It will change with each sip, which uniquely categorizes it as a fun whisky.

The finish has the perfect amount of phenol - that keeps going into tomorrow.

Conclusion: Young at heart, wise in spirit.

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Rigmorole commented

Thanks for the review, Mark. I plan on grabbing a bottle of PC8 before they're all gone.

7 years ago 0

ewhiskey commented

Nice review and definitely a solid 93. Love the complexity of PC8

7 years ago 0

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