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Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas

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@GT2Review by @GT2

27th Jun 2012


Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas
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Was able to find a bottle of this bad boy in Chevy Chase for $99.00, the normal retail where most stores will mark this up to $150-200.

Pouring light golden to near white. Huge, thin and delicate legs.

Nose is same deal as the PC7 and PC9- you have to really space out your nose from the snifter otherwise you are just going to get hot hot fusel alcohol, like lighter fluid. Space it out and at the right moment this one really is the superlative of the PC series that I've tried so far: maple bacon, chocolate sugar covered bacon, fat, honey, brown sugar, marzipan, amaretto.

Taste is hot hot up front moving to rich maple, honey glaze, rendered bacon fat. Some macadamia nut fat, brown sugar, dessert profile.

Delicious, world-class. Much more aggressive than it's Ardbeg counterparts, but I like this a bit more. Just more intense, more smokey and less "peaty".

I'm a big fan. One of the best scotches I've ever had.

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