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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Scottish Barley Makes A difference

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@GBroughReview by @GBrough

30th Apr 2014


Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
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I ordered this bottle from KLwines because the Port Charlotte 10 was out.

Nose: Hint of Buttery Lemon Scones, peaty, nutty, dash of white pepper, red chili, iodine notes, slightly herbal like The Laddie 10

Palate: First taste is the peat and maritime notes, buttery lemon scones, nutty, bitter-sweet notes move throughout the dram, slightly herbal, touch of cocoa, dash of pepper and crushed chili.

Finish: The peat is more noticeable now, with graphite coming to the fore and the peat retreating slightly, to be taken over by the herbal notes and peanuts.

An odd Islay to be sure, do i love it yes it is refreshingly different. The peat is not the key flavor note of the dram instead you get the perfect marriage of Bruichladdich and peat. Reminds me of the time I added 2 teaspoons of Ardbeg to Bruichladdich 10.

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PeatyZealot commented

Did you also try other PC versions? I wonder how this one would hold against the Peat Project or the An Turas Mor. So far, I liked the PC10 46% the most.

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I tried the Scottish Barley and the Islay Barley side by side in a tasting. The Scottish seemed much better to me.

10 years ago 0

GBrough commented

I have only tried these Scottish Barley, still if is a very defined whisky and I get the feel it has younger whiskies in it.

I enjoyed it a lot, my next purchase is Glenfarclas 21 or 25.

10 years ago 0

hunggar commented

I quite liked this one too. It's youngish, but really enjoyable because the malt has such wonderful character. "An odd Islay" certainly rings true.

10 years ago 0