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Port Ponderings

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RianC started a discussion

I opened a bottle of Dow's Crusted port over xmas that had been bottle maturing in our cellar (lol! Basement full of junk, to be precise). Bottled in 2012, I had almost completely forgotten it was slumbering down there. The cork was dry and fell apart, so it required decanting, which I believe is required anyway.

Apparently this style is young port that is bottled without filtering and intended for bottle ageing.

Verdict: it was awesome! Rich, decadent and delightfully tannic, without being too sweet or cloying. Deep dark fruits, tannins, creamy vanilla and black liquorice. Perfect with cheese.

I was wondering if anyone else had tried similar ports and, if so, what you thought of it.

Also, what is the shelf life of opened port? Tinterweb has mixed answers but my guess is that, as it's quite old and somewhat fortified, it should keep for a while. I just have it on the spirits shelf.

Does anyone have any helpful.info on how best to keep it etc?

5 months ago

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Jonesz replied

I am thinking I would try make sure it was decanted into and stored in a bottle that was close in size to the remaining port to reduce air in the bottle using a good stopper. You might also use wine preservative (inert gas) to stop oxidation in the original container. You might also consider decanting into sample sized bottles. In that way you could taste from time to time without introducing more O2 into a larger bottle when opening. My experience with port is very limited (OK I have never had a bottle but am thinking along sherry lines) so these are just a couple of random thoughts.

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Timp replied

That sounds lovely Ryan. Haven’t had any crusted port from memory but I do like port wine generally. Might look out for some given your description. Even though I’m not supposed to buying stuff this year! I can see it’s gonna be hard.

I think @Jonesz suggestion is probably very wise. Have fun drinking it though. Cheers.

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YakLord replied

Unlike Sherry and Vermouth, I've never refrigerated open bottles of Port, nor used inert gas to help preserve them after opening, and my bottles tend to last two years or so with little to no change in flavour.

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RianC replied

@YakLord - thanks! That's the way I'm going, more out of laziness than anything, but I might well pour the last 100 ml or so into a smaller bottle.

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