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A hard, sweet Irish blend

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

13th Jun 2011


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When I first stick my nose into a glass of Powers Gold Label, I think of struck flint, that wisp of smoke from a cigarette lighter. The only other whisky to make me think of this was Hiram Walker Special Old, a rye-heavy Canadian. In fact in a blind taste I would probably guess this to be that.

Given time, softer aromas present themselves, namely, honeydew melon, butter toffee, a touch of spice and florals. This took some time to grow on me.

The whisky has a hard, aggressive attack on the palate. It is not unpleasant, though, just a little unrefined. It is crisp, lightly sweet, with dry shortbread in the flavour along with slight hints of fruit. Not much of a development, though it does get a little fuller at the back of the tongue. The flavour fades quickly, unobtrusively.

As entry-level blends go, this one is pretty decent. A few more years in oak would do it a world of good, yet it is quite drinkable as is. I discovered that it mixes wonderfully with ginger ale, adding a surpringly fruit flavour to the drink. On that grounds alone I would consider buying it again.

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