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Pretentious? Moi??

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Wierdo started a discussion

The new Macallan advert.


Or as its also known. Edrington group disappearing up their own anuses Macallan edition.

I think I have a little bit of sick in my mouth.

This is how you do a whisky advert.


5 months ago

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That Tullamore advert is terrific! I like Laphroaig’s “All Opinions Welcome” ad campaign as well. Cheeky, funny, and self-effacing.

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Wierdo replied

@OdysseusUnbound I'd not seen that Laphroaig advert before. I like it.

Been laughing all day thinking about that Macallan advert. So utterly ridiculous.

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RianC replied

Nice title, Dave grin

The first one is, well, I'll say this - it's clearly aimed at a particular market . . .

The second is a bit cheesy but does the trick. I still remember the Glen of Tranquility one that used to pop out at xmas. Even though I didn't drink the stuff then it always made me want a drink.

Now this would have made for the best advert for having a 'wee dram' . . .

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RikS replied

Hmm... THE Macallan... Oh dear. Not sure if I think it's more stupid to make the theme of an alcohol advert a man throwing himself off a cliff... Or risking a lawsuit from red bull (Macallan gives you wings????). Utterly crap.

Though I also don't like the Laphroaig ad: Marmite already occupied that space 50 years ago people...

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cricklewood replied

Ah that Macallan advert is aimed at the Instagram fuckboys of this world.

Meh, I think it's symptomatic of this era, like those endlessly showing off their collections on IG or YouTube.

Just so much hype needs to surround things, so little time spent on what the product is exactly

The Laphroaig ads are fun and show a lighter side of things.

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RikS replied

@OdysseusUnbound indisputable evidence that someone, somewhere, actually spent their time coming up with - and publishing - recipes for drinking marmite! grin

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paddockjudge replied

@cricklewood, the Laphroaig ads are great, especially with real people actually drinking Laphroaig. That one fella at the end must be a real treat, first the burnt knickers comment and then "it would be like a highland cow's horn up your ar___" ...drowned out by a highland cow's mmmaahhhh.

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Speaking of pretentious; I had a long commute this morning and listened to two episodes of The Whisky Topic podcast. The two guest brand ambassadors could not be more different from each other.

  • The Bruichladdich/Port Charlotte/Octomore brand ambassador, whose name escapes me, was casual, friendly, and somewhat jocular, referring to Port Charlotte as the “middle child” of the Cointreau-owned brands. He gave some very specific answers to whisky-related questions.
  • Ken Grier, brand ambassador for THE Macallan, was exactly what I expected. Somewhat snobbish and haughty, he said very little that was significant or interesting, and constantly yammered on about the “luxury” that is THE Macallan. I get that it’s his job, but the whole thing sounded like an ad and there was almost no interesting information. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but this was a chore to listen to.

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cricklewood replied

@OdysseusUnbound I couldn't sit through that episode of whisky topic with the "The" Macallan unamused whisky ambassador.

That said the whisky topic can be uneven, I like Mark & Jamie's earnestness and the fly by the seat of their pants nature of it can be fun. Other times it makes it a bit jarring and or it feels too much like everyone's good chums in this room and there's a lot of back patting.

That said I'm not shitting on them, I really enjoyed the interview with Andy Watts of Three ships, the a brand Ambassador for Tullamore DEW (that's a good one to learn about how Irish whisky is blended) or their interview with Marc Gillespie is excellent too.

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@cricklewood I would have turned it off if I hadn’t been driving....right in front of an OPP cruiser....

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