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Redbreast 12 Year Old

A welcome retreat

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@conorrobReview by @conorrob

12th Jan 2019


Redbreast 12 Year Old
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Redbreast 12 has always been a christmas favourite of mine - £40 in the sales in the UK ... i just wish the cask strength was as reasonably priced here as in the US (£80-90 here )

Nose Dark fruits with cinnamon dashed baked pear and custard Raisins and fresh fig

Palate A thick creamy body with orange peel and raisins. Cinnamon plays a major role here alongside wood spice and baked pear. White biscuit much like that found on either side of a cream biscuit- nice for those in the uk. And a dash of vanilla ice cream

The finish is long and creamy. Butter, raisins and pear which seems to be a staple of this particular dram

This is an exceptional pot still whiskey which matches the dreaded ‘smooth’ness with character. Chef’s suggest that certain taste profiles go with eachother whilst others dont... this whiskey delivers with profiles that match and compliment eachother which in my opinion is a rare thing to find.

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RianC commented

@conorrob - I think your score is about where I'd have put this, for what it's worth. I found it to be very enjoyable and a good example of pot still whiskey. I also hate to tell you that I picked up a 12 CS for c£70 on Amazon over xmas. Sorry! blush I agree though, £85-90 is way too much and I wouldn't have paid that.

5 years ago 0

conorrob commented

Nom nom £70 nom nom .... might have to get me one at that grimacing grimacing grimacing thanks man

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

RianC commented

@conorrob - I hope they have some left, mate relaxed

5 years ago 0