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Redbreast 12 Year Old

If the English had invented whisky, the Irish would rule the world

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@hypersimianReview by @hypersimian

27th Mar 2010


Redbreast 12 Year Old
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Nose: Clean and pleasant. Like falling into a pile of freshly-cut alfalfa hay. Body: Light and fresh. I challenge a whisky-phobe to find something to complain about with this stuff. Palate: The gentle caress of fine silk on the tongue. This is a whiskey that is deceptively great. It's not trying to be a big, bold, knock your socks off and curl your toenails "Be A Man! I Dare You To Try Me!" Whisky. This stuff is as welcome and comforting as a sunny day in the middle of January. Although I'm such a newbie, I can definitely recognize the world-class quality of a whiskey like this.

One of the best whiskies in my modest collection. I've gotten one confirmed wine drinker to order (and pay for) his second glass of this stuff after I treated him to the first one. I'm still waiting to open my bottle of the 15 year old. I don't know what the situation is in Europe, but if Redbreast did more marketing in the States and Japan, it could give every other Irish brand a run for the money.

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jdcook commented

A couple of people have scored this as a 9.5. It will be interesting to have those people come back and comment after they have tried some more whiskies.

I've never had this dram myself (it's fairly hard to come by in Australia), but by all accounts it's a very good dram, but not quite up there with the 'best in the world' category - which is the direction I'm heading in when I award a 9.5.

Still, sounds very nice! And thanks for the review.

14 years ago 0

Leischa commented

I agree with jdcook. It's a very nice whisky,which I tried for the first time at Sehan ui Neachtans in Galway on St Patrick's day, but nowhere near world class.

14 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

Good review, and good comments ... and I pretty much agree with everyone. Just tried a dramlet (1/4 oz) of my Redbreast, and yes, it is one of the very top-shelf Irish whiskies: smooth, light, creamy, no smoke, and bourbon-like w/lovely flavors of vanilla and butterscotch. The best part is the lingering & delicious bourbon fragrance of the empty glass ... you don't find this with most scotch.

Since bourbon or scotch drinkers are accustomed to bigger & bolder flavors, they may likely not appreciate the lighter sophistication of Redbreast.

And, since there are few review guidelines herein, the review often expresses the honest opinion of the reviewer, at the current snapshot in time, regardless of experience. I would have no problem with a 9.5 score for Redbreast in the Irish category, or in the Light Whisk(e)y category. I would have to think about what exactly "best in the world" really means (and to whom) ... but I'll hold back for now :-)

14 years ago 0

hypersimian commented

I guess when I wrote this review (my first) I was considering the ratings to be a "Best Of Class" type of thing, like a dog show or some other livestock competition.

Do I that Redbreast is a World-Class Whisky? Yes. Of all the Irish whiskies I've tried, this is tied for first place along with Green Spot. The other Irish whiskies that I've sample have all had their charms (with the exception of the bottom-of-the-line Powers), most of them are damn good and a few are truly incredible. Redbreast and Green Spot are just the Kings of the Irish Whisky Mountain as far I'm concerned. Of course that may change if I get a chance to try some of the new Irish whiskies I've been hearing about but haven't found yet.

Do I think that Redbreast is "Best In The World"? I don't think that is valid question for me at this point in my whiskey "career", if ever. I've tasted some great scotches, bourbons, ryes and Japanese whiskies since I've started this hobby. I'm not going to compare great porterhouse steak to an incredible plate of bar-b-que pork ribs. Can't be done, or it can't be done fairly.

I realize that I'm a newbie and that there are people here with far more experience and knowledge than me. I'll accept your suggestions and advice. But if and when I write another review, I'm sticking with the "Best Of Class" type of review, not a "Best Of Everything" kind or review.

14 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@hypersimian, I kind of like "Best Of Class", and I tend to think that, although many reviews may imply this, the Connosr Top-10 (best?) correlates with strong-multi-flavored and bold, in one way or another.

In the Irish class, I've been wanting to try Green Spot, but so far I have not able to find it. I would like to see Green Spot added to the Irish list, and then a review on it. Also I wonder how you feel about Black Bush, Michael Collins Sing Malt and Jameson 12/18 ... maybe 2nd-tier, runner-up or honorable mention?

14 years ago 0