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Responsibly Drinking

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JohnMcWindows started a discussion

Do YOU believe, teaching young adults to taste whisky could avoid future alcohol abuse or do you think just the opposite?

9 years ago

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ErikHusby replied

It is important that young adults learn that drinking alcohol is a social activity whose purpose is to enjoy the company and the flavors of the drinks, wether they be whisky, wine, beer, or other spirits. Getting drunk is not the reason to drink. I think my two sons have learned that lesson from my wife and I. Once they became old enough, they were invited to have a glass of wine or beer during meals. Seeing family and friends partaking in moderation was very important.

9 years ago 0

PeatAndMeat replied

Interesting topic. I think responsible exposure to alcohol from mid teens onwards - within in the safety of the family home - can help educate young people for later life.

For example, they are less likely to go crazy binge drinking as soon as they leave home for university (or wherever).

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Tx Erik, I wish I could respond to your post on your profile but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet.

I agree. I wish more members would come along illustrating valuable suggestions like yours as how to expose alcohol to kids.

You don't teach a child to spill. You try to avoid it spilling, no?

But should we initiate the process of exposing alcohol to adolescents or should we let them discover and explore the path to it themselves? I mean, do we anticipate since we already know or do we wait and only correct the steps when we see something evolving in the wrong direction?

Do you agree we all have to make mistakes to learn the hard way or would it be better to stop young adults from making mistakes blocking them from learning what we don't want them to go through?

9 years ago 0


Tx PeatAndMeat for appreciating my post.

I'm totally on your page too. But where do we start and how?

Don't you think showing and teaching them respect for e.g. the creation process of alcoholic beverages would create an equivalent respect at later age?

9 years ago 0

Connosr replied

We respect community members right to freedom of speech but feel it necessary to point out that we cannot condone supplying alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age.

Guidelines for posting on the Wall will be issued very soon. In the mean time common sense should prevail. Administrators reserve the right to moderate all entries.

9 years ago 0


Tx Connosr You're very well right!

Fortunately I got the right response in this forum within a very short and acceptable time. I knew the pan cake would do it, but I wanted to make sure this network will still be here next year before I get more active to support it.

What I like even better is the quality of the answer and the immediate countering by the administrator avoiding this kind of topic to evolve in the wrong direction, eventually dragging the wrong kind of people into the discussions.

I know I would trigger something and it's a good thing it happened that fast. This network reflects a great image and fresh approach towards promoting whisky. I think we all should support it to the maximum extent however possible. Reading the input is important, yes. Far more important is sharing and acting.

Talk about Connosr. Share your experience. Make sure the right people find it. Help them out when they don't find their way around at first glance.

Maybe there still might be technical glitches left and right but it's our job to let the admin know there are. If we don't, they will remain sitting there, bugging even more people in the end. Don't wait promoting this domain before all 'problems' are solved. Trust me, they will never be. Tomorrow there might be another browser and there we go again. Paris and Rome neither were built in just one day. It's hard for a programmer to think like a user. Quite often the one who is coding, doesn't see the obvious things anymore.

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Go for it Connosr. Conquer the world, you deserve it. I'm sure this network will stand out above the crowd. I'll do whatever I can to promote it and make sure that whatever post points in the direction of feeding alcohol to kids will be alerted as soon as I ran into it.

It's an almost impossible job to moderate a network such as this one if all of us aren't severe watch dogs. This network should remain the gem it is or it could turn into a dangerous time bomb. I hope, no brand, ever, will be able to control it.

In closing, I would love to get the right answers to what this network thinks about the right approach as to how to introduce alcohol to kids UNDER the legal drinking age. Or do you think we should just block any type of exposure 100%.

Immediate response is a good thing, Connosr. But it doesn't reflect a point of view of the ones we are supporting by being active, does it?

If you ask us to drink responsibly, what do you mean by that, Connosr?

What is your mission, Connosr? Where do you want your dream to go?

This network most definitely should NEVER condone ANY type of post that could risk the entire domain to be shut down. Thanks to all active members and swift comments against the wrong type of posts such as the admin's one in advance. Let's make this network stronger than it already is.

Beware. Soon photos will be added to this network. It's of crucial importance everybody takes a responsible attitude. We are this network. The admin is only creating its existance and optimizing it to expand it to our liking. Facilitating the job of the people behind the scene will prove to be the best investment of all of us. Everybody can watch an album. No network staff can moderate all images that are poised to flow into it.

Tx 4 reading this post to the end. I hope I can count on you. I don't want this network to disappear.

9 years ago 0

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