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Sazerac Rye

Another average rye

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

12th Dec 2018


Sazerac Rye
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While @thewalkingdad was here last Sunday, I was able to jot down some notes and score the whiskies that he provided from his collection. The reviews I post today (Dec 11th) will not be in-depth but more general highlights and scores of the whiskies that he provided on our glorious whisk(e)y day.

First up, Sazerac Rye.

Sample: Neat in Glencairn Bottle opened 2 months and 80% Full

Nose: Fruity. Pear, red berries, caramel, butter.

Palate: A bit plain and uneventful. Vanilla, caramel. Buttered popcorn.

Finish: This is where things get interesting. My mouth is coated in peanut and corn oil. You know, for frying stuff. Why yes, it tastes like french fries (chips for my British friends) straight out of the grease. Definitely the highlight of this whiskey because who doesn't like a nice deep-fried potato?

Overall: The end of the palate and the finish came to this otherwise boring whiskey's rescue. I have limited experience with rye whiskey, having now tried this, Woodford Reserve Rye, and Knob Creek rye. Knob Creek rye is definitely the best out of those three and the only one I would purchase a bottle of.

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RianC commented

I saw this on offer recently and was tempted. Glad I didn't take the plunge now! Thanks for the review @casualtorture

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

Taco commented

Really enjoy this rye, even though it's not the best rye. Waaaayyyy too drinkable. Prefer Pikesville for a few $$'s more, but I can understand why Brockmire swigs it as part of his character on that tv show.

5 years ago 0

Victor commented

Sounds like my first bottle of Sazerac Rye for the first two years it was open. It got better, but it took a LOT of time. My second bottle of standard Sazerac rye was quite good from the beginning, and was quite different from the first one.

For God sakes, @casualtorture, try some Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye. Those are their best barrels. Pity Handy has gotten so hard to get and expensive.

5 years ago 0