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Scapa 16 Year Old


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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

21st Feb 2015


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This scotch may always be overlooked and under-appreciated. I am not sure if it's rare or not, but it seems to be under-reviewed too...

If you see the bottle on the shelf, don't pass it up. This scotch is very pleasant and consistent no matter the receptacle. It needs only a small splash of water, but a little extra time to open up. So admire its golden-amber color and swirl it around a bit.

The nose is unique. I find it difficult to not swirl it around again for another whiff. The body is sweet and syrupy, almost like a bowl of fruit that's been tossed in simple syrup. Despite its lower alcohol content, this whisky has a very nice finish if you give it a chance to develop and pay attention. Let the Scapa 16yr intrigue your senses...

From tumbler, small splash of water, lots of time to breathe Overall-92

Nose-24: pewter, grape taffy, apples, wildflowers, honey, dry-grass

Palate-23: sugary fruit; peach, mango, pear, banana, bing cherry, marble... toffee, honey, crispy-shortbread-cookie

Finish-22: warm, prickly, mouthfeel with a taste of cherry wood at first... a wave of sea salt and seaweed roll through, and leaves behind sweet remnants of honey, oak, and potent floral notes

Balance-23: lots of character with smooth transitions from one flavor to the next.

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