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Scotch may get cheaper in Canada

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canadianbacon started a discussion

With the new CETA agreement (trade agreement between Canada and the EU), tariffs on spirits should drop to be based on bottle instead of price. I'm sure the devil is in the details but this is potentially good news!


10 years ago

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Nozinan replied

This may be good news for places such as Alberta, where variety is good, and prices are already low. But I doubt we'll see much benefit in Ontario because a lot of the taxes are provincial And apply to all liquor not just imported stuff.

Plus, the LCBO can still mark up the price however they want.

Plus, they will still have a selection unbecoming of the world's largest buyer.


The law is changed to allow ordering from abroad. Then the local stores would have to compete, both for price (easy as there is no individual shipping cost) and choice.

It could work both ways. Wineries or new Canadian online retailers could sell direct overseas.

Why not?

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With the amount of money the LCBO provides the Ontario government with annually I'm sure this will make no difference whatsoever.

$117 for Lagavulin 16 right now at the LCBO. Highland Park, Aberlour, etc all went up in price quite drastically over the last year. There seems to be no stopping the LCBO from this vantage point.

$58 bucks for Laga 16 over in Las Vegas...

What the LCBO does is pure legal thievery.

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PeterG7 replied

The CETA is only an agreement in principle. It still has to be ratified and that could take up to 2 years or longer. So, don't expect to see any lower prices in Ontario any time soon.

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Nozinan replied


Quite right. I was looking at the Aberlour 18 today and it's almost $150! Didn't buy it of course. I like A'Bunadh much better and it's a third cheaper, which is also robbery.

Our only hope is if we will. E able to buy online.

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Just fantastic! We Canadians are continuing to allow our government to enter into trade agreements, the details of which are not only kept completely from the general public, but also continue to rob us of/waste our natural resources.

But at least we'll have cheaper booze...

Hooray Harper government!


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mrgargus replied

Bloody hell, I hope this is true!

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johnkeating replied

I think you mean that provincial liquor boards may increase their profit margins. I highly doubt that the savings will be passed along to consumers. It's unfortunate, but that's how a monopoly works.

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