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Smokey Quartz V5 Bourbon

New Hampshire

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

7th Sep 2021


Smokey Quartz  V5 Bourbon
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  • Brand: Smokey Quartz
  • ABV: 62.1%

Smokey Quartz is a veteran owned and operated artisan distillery in New Hampshire, USA. Kevin Kurland – who served in Iraq – produces a number of artisan spirits such as Solid Granite Vodka, Granite Lightning Moonshine, Granite Coast Rum and V5 Bourbon. It's the latter that intrigues us. Through whisky lover Tom I was able to get a sample and that is now in the glass. The mashbill consists of 100% corn (i.e. no wheat, barley or rye in the mix) and it matures for 7 months in barrels of a mere 57 liters. The 'normal' version is bottled at 45%, but the one that is in my glass got a whopping 62.1%.

The nose is quite alcoholic, which is no surprise. But once you get past that, you'll be hosted to sweet corn (doh!) and a cartload of honey, clear notes of wood (freshly sawn planks) and something of grass or hay. Some vanilla and warm herbs. That's fine.

It doesn't burn! Again sweet corn of course, as well as some vanilla, but soon the whole thing is drowned out by a dry touch of oak, something of cherries and maple syrup. The heat builds up slowly, while a nice dash of woodsmoke appears. A little atypical, maybe, but that makes this one that little bit more interesting for me.

The aftertaste is medium-long, warm and full. Quite spicy on something floral and sweet, but it does leave your mouth bone dry.

Well, that was cool! Unfortunately, this bottle is barely available outside of New Hampshire, so thank you Tom!