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So what AREN'T you drinking now?

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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 20th Jan 2017, show post

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fiddich1980 replied

@Nozinan Whisky could be an issue. I've been wondering and debating what a whisky infused with truffle would taste like? The debate is which whisky(possibly Bruichladdich Black Art) and which truffle(white or black).

@Hewie if you want the recipe? I'll follow you and then figure it out how to send you the recipe. The private message system on Connosr has a length limitation.

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cricklewood replied

@fiddich1980 I think black truffle might be a good place to start, white can be intense and it's best parts (IMO) are ephemeral and therefore harder to capture in other mediums like oils or butter.

That said I think the experiment could be fun.

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cricklewood replied

What am I not drinking... Octomore 7.3

I noticed folks on Instagram posting pictures of what they bought at Liquor Depot's 20% off sale, then some dude posts a picture of Octomore 7.3 saying he didn't buy them because he's not into peat...I frantically messaged the dude in the hopes of getting a hook-up for him to answer that some guy behind him cleared the shelf of all 20 bottles they had anguished

That's my desert Island whisky, the one to rule them all and on my last trip to Calgary I called and visited every damn store I could think of in search for it and then to learn it was so close, within reach this whole time...I almost cried my damn self to sleep.

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Nozinan replied

Caol Ila CS, G and M bottling I got by way of Nova Scotia. Great bottling (oh, to have another - wait, I do, just a different cask).

I'm on call today. Its been buy.

Last night I covered the empty glass from my 15 cc pour. What a nose! It beats many a glass with liquid, to be sure. Incredibly complex. Campfire with some green wood, possible pine, dusty basement... and more.

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Nozinan replied

I have a cabinet full of open bottles, and a drawer full of samples. I am not on call, I don't have to drive. Perfect evening to do a review or 2.

Can you believe I couldn't pick something I wanted? I gave up on reviewing and thought "what can I have for plain enjoyment without evaluation? Nothing.

I figured if such a wealth of choice and nothing spoke out to me, I probably didn't want any whisky tonight.

What a waste of a perfect opportunity!

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talexander replied

@Nozinan Not at all! It always has to be the right place and the right time. It'll speak to you again another time.

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talexander replied

@paddockjudge The whisky, she is a stern mistress. But treat her right, and she will love you forever.

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paddockjudge replied

@talexander, truer words have never been spoken, not every day is Ballantine's Day. Sláinte tumbler_glass

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