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So what AREN'T you drinking now?

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By @Nozinan @Nozinan on 20th Jan 2017, show post

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Nozinan replied

No alcohol for me tonight. I was at a retirement party for one of my colleagues. My gift to him was a bottle of M&H Elements Sherry Cask (46%). Thanks to the gift of half a bottle of this one from @talexander, this has become a spare.

Yesterday I had tried to book a vaccine appointment for the new bivalent Moderna vaccine (thanks again a Dolly Parton) but while healthcare providers are eligible, people in my age group can only book for 2 weeks from now.

But as I left the party this afternoon I decided to call public health directly. And they booked me into a clinic the same day. In fact from phone call to leaving the clinic was 48 minutes.

So naturally I have pumped myself full of anti-inflammatories and Tylenol, so no whisky for me tonight.

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