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Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength

A Great Recommendation...

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

10th May 2015


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Springbank 12yr Cask Strength

ABV: 54.3%

Light Straw, Easter yellow

Snifter, splash of water

Peat throughout from nose to finish. However, the peat is distinctly different... It tastes potent? Maybe dry? As this scotch sits and opens up the peat becomes less pronounced and the whisky becomes more complex. It's like the peat broke apart into other flavors...

Nose-23: Very complex, flowers, leather, peat, vanilla, grenadine, pine, toffee, blackberries

Body-: thin, oily, unctuous, warm tingly mouthfeel, evenly and closely spaced legs all around

Palate-23: peat, salt, toffee, floral, blackberries

Finish-23: peat, smokey-oak, ash, raspberries, lasts and lasts...

Balance-24: almost perfect.


I suppose this is my new favorite whisky. After adding up my totals of the various categories, I have not rated any whisky on connosr.com higher.

I purchased this bottle while on vacation in Boston from Federal Wine & Spirits in downtown. The store sits on the historic corner, where the Boston Massacre occurred.

I was in town to cheer on a former roommate of mine who was running in the marathon. I do not remember how I learned about this store, but I did make a concerted effort to visit the shop (and ask for Joe).

Joe happened to greet me from behind the counter of the empty store as I explained to him that I was on the hunt for a bottle of Talisker 18yr and something from Springbank. I had read a great review of 10yr 100 proof, so I asked if he had any. They did not, but he poured a taster of a Benriach spirit for the two of us while he seemed to ponder my request. This bottle of Springbank12 yr Cask Strength was his recommendation. I also picked up a bottle of Talisker 18yr during the same visit. Quite a score, I will definitely pop back in and say hi to Joe anytime I find myself back in town.

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Lifewaterforce commented

Great review! I like your style as before, i think it complements this type of review as you can easily get lost in all the flavours a good Springbank can conjure up. Agreed on the peat breaking apart into different flavours, a great case in point. And considering you picked up a talisker 18 as well, makes for a pretty perfect shop run ;)

Can i ask what Benriach he offered you? It so happens i just posted a review of a Benriach myself today so i got curious.

8 years ago 0

BARutledge commented

Thanks Lifewaterforce!

The ratings next to my notes help me remember what I like about a whisky, and I hope that it helps others understand what to expect if they were to acquire a bottle of their own.

I flipped through the various pictures of Benriach bottles on the whiskies tab to try to find it. I am pretty sure it was the Benriach, Heart Of Speyside that he poured for us.


It was not anything fancy, but it seemed suitable for the time of day. I think it may have still been morning. Maybe 11-1130. Haha. It was certainly a nice gesture.

8 years ago 0

BARutledge commented

54.3% jealous? I find that to be 54.3% believable... Haha.

Indeed, it is the coveted batch 9.

8 years ago 0

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