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Springbank 14 Year Fino Cask Strength

Well Done C Town Blokes!

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RReview by @Rigmorole

14th Feb 2014


Springbank 14 Year Fino Cask Strength
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A delightful dram. I have a recent bottle of Claret on the brain, and this eases me pain at the loss. Yes, I do like this Springbanker.

Eye: Rich grand sight that really catches the light. One of the best natural colors I've been in some time. A deep chestnut.

Nose: Typical Sprinbank must without water. With water, the sweet scents come out. A delightfully curdled hint might be a flaw to some but I revel in this trademark Springbank characteristic that is present in spades here, clover, nutmeg, maple, caramel, faint fino, very rich malt overtones, alcohol heat to some degree without water.

Yes, I can smell high alcohol content. In this case it's right welcome up the ole nostrils. And why not? I like to maintain that it is not only possible but in rare cases recommended to attempt a wee buzz by huffing whisky fumes and I've been known to do it (tactfully) in movie theaters, much to the horror of people sitting near! Ha! Too bad for them!

Mouth reaction: Front of tongue, roof of mouth, brings out salivary glands nicely.

Flavour: Musty oak leaves in fall, horse's oats warming in the summer sun, marshmellow (homemade), maple syrup drizzled on a hot buckwheat waffle, cream, hazelnuts, caramel, nougat, honeysuckle sap, two day old hay dry in the fields.

Finish: Medium long, very good, plays off the roof of the mouth to an unusual degree; rich sugars, bitter caramel, roast chestnuts, dried Moxy (red wine) in the glass, turning to hard wood ash on the death.

I wonder if this whisky had a limited run? I can't imagine why else not more has been said of it. A charming bottle. In many ways, more interesting than the fino but the fino is more sophisticated and elegant despite it's two years the junior. The roof of the moutn is last to release this intoxicatingly beguiling ichor.

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Ol_Jas commented

Hey Rigmorole. Is this review of the Fino? The title says so but the comments in your last paragraph suggest otherwise.

And about that booze huffin': Do you think it's just easier to get away with huffin' than straight-up drinking in a theater? Or else, why huff there? I would have thought it was obviously because of being sneakier, but then you say folks around you still notice. Hmmm....

9 years ago 0

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